Van Sales Management Software Solution

Van Sales Management Software - Van Sales Software
Van Sales Management Software - Van Sales Software

Designed to simplify Sales activities on the Go

Hawk Van-Sales Management Software offering scenarios such as: Direct Store Delivery, House and Office Delivery, Pre-Sales, Direct Sales, Collections. The solution is designed to increase your business related to distribution, Collection and delivery. It allows organizations to automate the activities while sending vans, trucks or other vehicles in the field to visit customers and deliver goods. Sales Executives may see planned delivery routes, visit customers and issue invoices right from their mobile phones and tablets without the need of Internet connection.

Designed for all your Sales needs on the Go

Native mobile App (Android & ios) with Online/Offline Capability

One of the core features of an offline app is that users are able to perform sales activities and access all information in offline mode and auto sync when connectivity is back. Data synchronization technology allows the application to store and consume business data locally on the device, hence Van-Sales can run in complete off-line mode, eliminating the need for permanent Internet connection.

Employee Tracker

This is about Field Employee Visibility and Accountability. GPS location and time tracking will help you and your team become more organized, efficient, and get more things done.

Capture Signature & Images

Signing documents from your phone will save time and effort, and your customers love it. Also you can capture documents and store it digitally.

Van Sales Management Software - Van Sales Software
Van Sales Management Software - Van Sales Software

Optimize buying and customer loyalty Credit Sales

  • Lead capture, Sales quotation
  • Sales Orders and Sales Invoicing
  • Payments collection, Sales return
  • Delivery - Collect proof of delivery through signature capture, photos, and GPS coordinates
  • All transactions -Geo tagged & time stamped
  • Configure – permissions, approvals, notifications, workflows
  • Analytics and reports - Sales man performance metrics
  • Stock Transfers request and loading sheet confirmation
  • Daily plan SO selection

Prevent data disruption and increase Business visibility