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Customer Self Service Portal

Customer Self Service Portal in India - FieldNXT Service Solution Pvt Ltd

Embrace your customer with a
self-service solution

The customer self service portal is a web browser-based application that gives customers a single point of access to company information that is relevant to customers. Unlike customer service or customer support of olden days, this new design and approach to helping and serving the customer is driven by the customer themselves.

The Benefits of Customer Self Service Portal

Customer portals can provide numerous important benefits for you and your customers. That is because self-service provides power to your customer with faster solutions that they can find on their own time from anywhere any device. Rather than having to wait for your representative’s arrival or pick up a phone and wait on hold for information and support.

  • Customers can manage their account and place an order/enquiry. The real-time access to information enables your customer to make better control over their business and their buying.
  • ERP integrated Customer Portal solution helps to avoid manual data entry and data duplication which will reduce a considerable amount of data management job.
  • Customer support management takes a lot of oversight and coordination to ensure that every customer gets the best out of your entire team. Since customers are handling more of their support issues on their own by using Customer Portal, the cost of care goes down.
  • The great part about the customer self-service is it has a benefit on a business bottom line as well. You can expand the business without recruiting further employees for sales and support team.
  • Reducing a significant amount of call and email volumes will lead to less customer waiting time, enhance employee productivity and support quality. Eventually, better customer experience steer to higher customer satisfaction.
Customer Self Service Portal in India - FieldNXT Service Solution Pvt Ltd

Customer Self Service Portal Features

Customer experience is crucial, it is about serving to the needs and wants of customers, that is not just providing direction by which customer can get support if have questions or problem with a product or service. Our Customer Portal is a plug and play model digital platform but the solution is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. The great benefit of having our customer portal is that it can be tailored to meet the exact use and purpose of your business requirements.

Take your business to the next level with Customer Self Service Portal

This is the time to continue embracing all that technology offers to market your business, enhance the services you provide with the convenient and safe technology your clients demand.

Customer Self Service Portal in India - FieldNXT Service Solution Pvt Ltd

Easy to use

There is no learning curve. The customer self service portal software is simple to use and very easy to understand.

Seamless experience

It helps to maintain customer experience by helping customers to access relevant information, dashboard with all in one view.

Quick to implement

The plug and play solution is easy to implement so the businesses should be able to establish supporting their customers right away, with customer portal that fits well into a basic technical infrastructure with SSL/HTTPS security.

Capable of scale

As your business grows, so should its customer solution. The solution should have the ability to accommodate today’s ever-changing business situation.

Analytics & reporting

The process of exploring data and reports in order to extract meaningful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance.

Customization & personalization

There is no one-size-fits all. Our customer portal is built on a flexible platform that allows customizing to meet your business needs. And solution offers options to personalize with your colour and logo to keep your identity intact.