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About the Product

FieldNXT is a powerful and efficient tool to make the management of Service Personnels more easy. It is an product.
No matter what your industry, we've got you covered from field service management, customer management, dispatch, invoicing, capturing payment, and real time tracking. It provides a refined interface, consistent access and targeted service workflows regardless of internet connectivity.

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Manage your business with

Avoid business disruptions

Avoid business disruptions by replacing reactive repairs that stop work with proactive scheduled maintenance

Connect field to office

Connect field to office by giving customer service and IT visibility into field service activities

Mobilize your technicians

Mobilize your technicians by better managing schedules, guiding them to work locations, and collecting task information

Cloud & Security

We manage data access by company or domain to assure that only appropriate information, processes, and options are available to users.

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Smart Apps

We are your partners for growth.

  • Service App

    Field Service App shall be used by the Employees for their field work and can post their daily activities' report in real-time.

  • Customer App

    This App is for the Customers to register their complaints about the product. They can also give feedback about the company & employee service and will get all the notifications about their registered complaint.

  • Administrator App

    Field Service Admin App is used by the company for the management of their employees including their attendances and also for managing the customers and complaints.

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